About Us

We started in the goat business like many before us, our daughter (Kate) wanted to show a market goat. And Mom (Jennifer) fell in love with these beautiful Boers. So, the search began... We have made some amazing friends. "Goat People" are the greatest! We can never thank those who have helped us enough. Showing these awesome animals is our family "fun" time. We hope if you see us at a show that you will stop and say hello. If you are going to be in our neck of the wood and would like to stop by the farm, just give us a call, we would love to show you around! We are proud members of the ABGA (American Boer Goat Association), AMGA (American Meat Goat Association), 4SBGA (Four States Boer Goat Association) and ArMGA (Arkansas Meat Goat Association).

Scott, Jennifer & Kate Hawthorn